Sunday, 11 September 2016

You've never seen the nursery like this !

Many new visitors are really surprised what lies beyond our modest entrance and hopefully the following will convince you we are not offering a few plants in assorted yoghurt pots :). The following views of the nursery captured by Andy Hollis.

An overall view showing entrance & shop top centre, shrubs, roses & trees around the greenhouse & herbaceous retail beds, shade tunnels and growing area adjacent to the wildlife meadow.

 Similar areas from the east

 Herbaceous perennials, grasses and fruit trees:

 herbaceous again from the south

 A portion of the shrub, rose and tree retail area

 The wildlife meadow - the grass cut for hay 2 days after this shot was taken

 Our 4th full time member of staff! Ellie now feeling her age at 12 but determined to get herself into nearly every one of the above images

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