Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Lofty spires and soft caresses

A selection of herbaceous perennials coming into their own at this time of year. Bold spikes of Lysimachia punctata. So easy to grow in any reasonable soil in sun or part shade.
Eremurus - tall spikes to 2m. Native to Pamir Mountains in central Asia they require very dry soil in sun. 

Nepeta or 'Cat Mint'. Aromatic, clump forming, thriving in free draining soils and attractive to bees and butterflies.
Triteleia in variety. Bulbous perennials flowering for a long period at this time of year. Native to north west America they soon multiply into flowing clumps in reasonably drained soil in sun

Prunella - reliable, charming, ground cover and loved by bees. The native form, Prunella vulgaris has medicinal properties.
Erigeron in variety