Sunday, 21 September 2014

Colourful 'Crabs'

Crab apples are members of the genus 'Malus'. Following a profusion of flowers in May these small to medium size trees are now producing colourful, edible fruit the larger of which are suitable for making 'jelly'. Excellent for attracting bees when in flower and birds will often come to take the ripened fruit in late autumn. They are also good for pollinating domestic apple trees. Below a selection of our container grown plants currently available

Malus 'Adirondack'

A small, upright form bearing dense clusters of waxy white flowers from carmine buds; late spring. Persistent fruit. A Malus halliana seedling with good disease resistance. To 7.0 x3.5m

Malus 'Butterball

Small, round headed tree with slightly weeping branches. Single white flowers with a pink flush; late spring. To: 8.0 x8.0m

Malus 'Evereste'

A small, conical form bearing a profusion of large, white flowers, from red buds, in late spring followed by an abundance of fruit. To: 7.0 x 6.0m 

Malus 'Nuvar Marble'

Another small variety bearing very high yields of quite large fruit of good flavour ideal for making 'jelly'. Single, white flowers in spring. To 5.0 x4.0m

Malus 'Rosehip'

Another small, upright form bearing huge yields of largish fruit with high pectin levels so excellent for making 'jelly' Clusters of white flowers in spring. To: 5.0 x 4.0m 

Malus brevipes 'Wedding Bouquet'

Another small form the glossy, marble-like red fruit persisting from early autumn often to beyond Christmas. Profusion of snow-white flowers in late spring. Long, tapering, glossy green leaves. To: 8.0 7.0m.

Malus floribunda

A wild species from Japan forming a graceful, spreading tree with arching tips. Covered in pale blush-pink blooms in late spring. To 6.0 x 6.0m+

Malus hupehensis

Vigorous, spreading tree from China & Japan. A profusion of fragrant, white flowers from pink buds in spring followed by an abundance of smallish, rich red fruit. To: 12 x 12m.

Malus princeton 'Cardinal'

Smallish tree laden with bright red, single flowers in early spring which look stunning against the rich purple foliage. 

Malus transitoria

Elegant, spreading tree from NW China. Covered in clusters of small, white flowers from pink buds in late spring followed by pea-like yellow fruit. Attractive 3 lobed, maple-like leaves. To: 8 x 10m.